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The national final of the international competition My Thesis in 180 seconds (MT 180) took place on March 09, 2022 at the French Institute of Madagascar (IFM) for Madagascar. After the regional elimination phases, eighteen candidates from the 6 main cities of Madagascar were selected. With the support of MESUPRES, the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie Océan Indien (AUF) and the French Embassy in Madagascar, the competition Mt 180 allows doctoral students to explain their research topic in simple terms. Each participant must make a clear, concise, attractive and convincing presentation on his or her research project in three minutes. Additionally, for this fourth edition, the participants were able to benefit from a training-coaching in oral communication provided by ALEF, a group of professional trainers in public speaking.

Apart from the entrepreneurial promotion of PhD students’ theses, the competition also aims to promote the social dimension of research beyond the scientific and academic dimension. The judges were composed of his honor Amiraly Hassim, President of the Madagascar Syndicat of Industries ; his excellency Chasper Sarott, President of the Francophone Ambassadors Group in Madagascar ; Coffi Dominique Agossou, Director of the Country Office for Madagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles, International Labor Organization ; Noro Rajaonera, President of the Malagasy Association of Corporate HRDs (AMDRHE) and Professor Philippe Dussart, Director of the Pasteur Institute of Madagascar.

Razanajatovo Kanto Ingotiana of the University of Mahajanga won the third place with her thesis entitled "Monetarization of the mangrove ecosystem : case of Bonamary and Soalala". The second place was awarded to Rama Michela Stephanie of the University of Mahajanga for her thesis "Study of the anti-inflammatory activity of the plant encoded RMS96(SPHAEROSEPALACEAE). The audience award goes to Nahavitatsara Rasoanomenjanahary Elisah of the University of Toamasaina with her thesis "Biological control of the invasion of Duttaphrynus melanostictus, an invasive species of amphibian, in larval stage in Toamasina. The winner of this national final of the fourth edition of My Thesis in 180 seconds is Randrianjatovonarivo Mamy Henintsoa from the University of Antananarivo thanks to her thesis "Sociolinguistic and intercultural analysis of the process of creation of a linguistic variation in the context of Malagasy plurilingualism : the case of the French language displayed in Antananarivo-Madagascar. She develops the creation of Beta French, a customization of the French language with the sound and spelling of the Malagasy language whose interest is to free itself from the difficult norms of French orthography. Nevertheless, the use of Beta French is limited to an informal context. The winner will represent Madagascar for the international final in Montreal in October 2022. The prizes included a check worth one million Ariary for the third place as well as for the public award and two million Ariary for the second place. There was an award of four million Ariary given to the Laureate. 


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