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The Beat Plastic Waste event organized by the United Students of Analamanga (USA) took place on June 10, 2022 at the University of Antananarivo. The United Students of Analamanga is a student association bringing together academics from public and private institutions in the Analamanga Region. They are linked by the environmental cause.

Beat Plastic Waste is a game contest aimed at raising awareness among young people on the importance of limiting plastic waste as reported by the President of USA Ezekia Razafindrabe : "We have only one planet which in the near future would be unlivable due to global warming accentuated and accelerated by the proliferation of plastic waste. Thirty groups of ten people competed during this third edition, they belong to different Faculties and Schools within the University of Antananarivo.

The game consists in collecting the maximum of plastic waste in different areas of the University of Antananarivo. The tests are divided into four phases of forty and thirty minutes. Five groups have reached the last phase. At the end of this stage, three groups won. The group number 25 took the third place with the sum of 200.000 Ariary for their 11,3 kg of plastic waste. The second place went to the group 21 as well as a check of 400.000 Ar thanks to their 14,34 kg of waste. The first place was awarded to group 15 as well as the amount of one million Ariary for their waste of 17.34 kg. This group was composed by Nambininjanahary Nantenaina Nirina Patricia who is the leader of the group, Andriamisaina jean Ericka, Andriamihajatiana Tanjona Nirina, Herinandrianina Tanya Karen, Rovasoa Heriniaina Njato, Andriamparaniaina Jocelyn Romario, Razafimananatsoa Nasolo Ny Aina, Randriamiarintsoa Jean Lucien, Randrianarisoa Marie Jessica, Nambininjanahary Nantenaina Nirina Patricia, and Randriamihajatiana Sitraka Nomenjanahary. The three winners are all from the mention Economy of the Faculty of Economics-Management-Sociology (EGS).

This event was sponsored by several partners, including the companies Taf, Nickel, Socobis and Renaissance. These companies work in the field of plastic recycling and will transform the collected waste into self-locking paving stones. The fourth edition of Beat Plastic Waste will take place in Fianarantsoa. 


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